Cape Town and Surrounds

Cape Town itself is constantly voted as one of the top ten cities and ‘must see’ places in the world with the famous Table Mountain dominating the city and the glorious beaches surrounding spreading out in every direction.  Images of the city have been filling the world during the recent successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup where the magic of Cape Town’s streets was rediscovered and the already great facilities for tourists received renewed appreciation.

However, it is not just the city of Cape Town that is magical.  Take a trip in any direction and you will uncover hidden gems.  My own weekend trips  meandering through the countryside, have given me an addiction to see what lies ‘just over that hill’.  I’m rarely disappointed in the amazing finds of sleepy little hamlets, or majestic views from the top of ‘that hill’ where it feels as if one has entered a dream.  And a trip along any of the coastlines opens up scenic possibilities from fishing villages to high duned beaches, and from tidal pools to plunging surfing spots!

And the people!!  It is said that the gene pool of the people of the Western Cape is one of the most diverse in the world.  This is because people have gathered here over the years from other parts of Africa, as well as from the East when Cape Town was on the slave and spice route and finally there were the Europeans who came to both explore and trade.  This great mixture of people ensures great conversation with locals and also serves as the foundation for giving us the delights of truly South African cuisine – a culmination of East meets West – along with wine styles from other continents and a little bit of our own with the local proudly South African ‘Pinotage’ wine.

My  family and my visiting overseas friends have all traded on my former profession as a travel agent in both the UK and Australia.  They have made sure I have used this experience and skill to craft holidays for them that match their interests, pocket and available time.  It is amazing to realise the range of possible experiences that await the traveller whether it is just a day’s outing from Cape Town to tickle the senses, or a leisurely 10 day full-on tour that takes you into some of the pieces of heaven that the Cape has to offer.  The accommodation range that is available on your trip is extensive and offers excellent value, service, style and character depending on your budget and choice.  You can indulge yourself in secluded 5 star magnificent lodges in natural bush settings or you may prefer the glitzy-ritzy choices of city hotels or guest houses.  An amazing range of both historical to boutique accommodation abounds. You might prefer to taste some local ‘lekker’ living in a quaint village where the history is rich and the food served tells of your hosts’ love of their traditions.

There is indeed something for everyone and the feedback from everyone has been that these trips I have organised in the past remain cherished in their memories as they come back for more.

I’d be delighted to put together something similar that is custom-made for your dreams.


Cape Town