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I believe that the South African wine experience is unique to anywhere else in the world. Winemakers and the families that go to such great lengths to produce their product are exceptionally passionate and generous people.  Those whose experience of South African wine is limited to the product have missed a whole aspect of the industry.

There are hundreds of places to visit ranging from boutique estates where the style and image of the estate are equally as sophisticated as the wines produced to cooperatives where the whole family work to produce what has been in successful production for many years.  In each place, the winemaker will welcome you with the warmth as they share their passion for their latest venture.  Cellar tours are a must as these take you behind the tasting room and give you an insight into the enormous care and precision that lies behind the production of the wine.  The tours also give you a chance to ask questions that reveal the life of a winemaker and the unique tensions that form part of the life cycle from the grape to the wine to the bottle.

During my twenty years with the wine club and constant trips to the estates, I’ve built up a large network of contacts, expertise and insights that will allow me to lead you through the special experiences of tasting what’s in the bottle as well as what lies behind the wine.  We can add a bit of adventure to your trip by introducing you to a chocolate and wine tasting or maybe a brandy and biltong tasting takes your fancy.

Maybe you just want to enjoy a magnificent country view with a leisurely tasting in beautiful surrounds.  If you are energetic, perhaps you’d prefer a hike through the vineyards, tasting as you go, or even take to a mountain bike trail to build up your thirst before your tasting.  You might choose to learn about the village life through a guided walk or a visit to the local museum – the choices are endless!

And if you’ve had your fill of wine, there are the boutique breweries!  Whatever your choice, I will undertake to craft you the experience of a lifetime…

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